Soccer Dribbling Drill: Square & square – Soccer Coach Theory

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Soccer dribbling drill: square square

Soccer Dribbling Drill: Square & square

Equipment needed:

  • 4 soccer balls
  • approximately 8 cones

Dribbling drill square & square set-up:

  • Mark out a square with cones/markers approx 15 x 15 yards
  • Mark out a smaller square approx 2 x 2 yards in the middle of the big square
  • Start with a minimum of 2 players at each of the outside cones
  • The first player at each cone have a ball at their feet

Soccer dribbling drill: square & square - set-up

Dribbling drill square & square execution:

  • Each player with a ball dribbles through the middle square and turns back out to the next player at the cone to their right (or left – coach to stipulate); they pass the ball to the next player
  • The player receiving the ball then performs the same drill
  • Instead of dribbling through the middle square, players can work on performing a specific turn in the square such as the following:
    • Outside hook
    • Inside hook
    • Cruyff turn

Soccer dribbling drill: square & square - execution

Coaching tips:

  • Encourage players to keep their heads up when dribbling, particularly when passing through the middle square to avoid clashing with other dribbling players
  • Encourage players to keep the ball close to their body while dribbling
  • Coach the quality and execution of the individual turns to enable the players to change direction with the ball quickly


  • Change direction of play (left to right or right to left) to encourage players to use the different feel for the turns
  • Stipulate right or left foot only


  • Players pass the ball after they have left the inner circle rather than dribble up to the next player
  • Players dribble around the cone back to the same corner of the large square that they started at

Soccer dribbling drill: square & square - variation