Soccer Drills on Your Own: Wall Drill to Improve Your Control

Soccer Coach Theory Team

This soccer drill is one you can do on your own to improve your control and first touch. It will also give you more confidence dealing with tricky or fast balls coming towards you.

Equipment needed:

  • A soccer ball
  • A wall (ideally, 6-foot or higher)

Solo wall drill set-up:

  • Stand in front of the wall with the soccer ball

Solo wall drill execution:

  • Drive ball against the wall and control the ball when it comes back to you
  • You should alter the way you deliver the ball against the wall:
    • Use your instep to drive the ball hard and low against the wall, so it comes back to you across the floor
    • Chip the ball against the ball by driving your foot under the ball so it hits the wall at chest height. It will then rebound back to you at chest height or higher
    • Throw the ball high against the ball so it rebounds and loops back to you above head height


  • Drive the ball against the wall at an angle, so it rebounds away from your body at a distance. You’ll need to move towards the ball to execute a good first touch
  • Throw the ball against the floor before it hits the wall, to add more randomness to the rebound