Soccer passing and receiving drill

Soccer Passing & Receiving Drill

Equipment needed:

  • 1 soccer ball
  • 4 cones

Passing & receiving drill set-up:

  • Set out a square approx 15 x 15 yards
  • Start with a player on each side of the square and one in the center (5 players in total)
  • Two of the players on the outside of the circle have balls

Soccer passing and receiving drill - set-up

Passing & receiving drill execution:

  • The player in the center shows that they want tot receive the ball from one of the players on the outside
  • The player on the outside plays the ball into the center player, who must control it and pass it to an outside player without a ball (not the one who has just made the pass)
  • Once the center player has made their pass, they must immediately receive a pass from another outside player and make another pass
  • The drill runs for 1–2 minutes, then a different player goes in the center until all players have had a chance

Soccer passing and receiving drill - execution

Coaching tips:

  • This drill focuses on the passing and receiving of the player in the middle
  • Try to keep the drill at a high tempo
  • The player in the middle should dictate who plays the ball to them by showing that they want the ball using an open body position and demanding the ball
  • Encourage players on the outside to play passes in at pace to test the first touch of the middle player
  • Middle player should always be on their toes and not flat footed
  • Encourage the center player to turn on the ball with their first touch, so that they open up the playing space and can see all of the other outside players
  • Focus on the weight and accuracy of passes (from all players)
  • Encourage no more than two touches from the center player where possible
  • Encourage the use of both feet from the center and outside players


  • Put two players in the middle, and keep four on the outside

Soccer passing and receiving drill - progression


  • Make the area bigger to work on longer passes and vary the type of passes that are being played into the center player
  • Add a third ball, so there is only ever one free player on the outside (who the center player must find)