Soccer Solo Dribbling Drill: Random Cones

Soccer Coach Theory Team

Equipment Needed:

  • Approximately 30–40 cones
  • 1 soccer ball

Soccer Solo Dribbling Drill Set-Up:

  • Spread the cones approximately 1 yard apart in a random pattern roughly in a circle or square shape
  • Start with the ball at your feet anywhere in on the edge of or within the space

Soccer Solo Dribbling Drill Execution:

  • Player practices dribbling through the space in all directions while trying to avoid touching the cones with the ball
  • Player can change direction freely
  • The drill can be for a set time, such as 2 minutes, before resting


Coaching Tips:

  • Players should try to use both feet as much as possible
  • Players should try to use all areas of the foot, including inside, outside and sole
  • Emphasize having as many small touches as possible – the goal here is for the player to become completely comfortable moving the ball in all directions, using all areas of both feet, all in a tight area
  • Players should change direction repeatedly


  • As the player becomes more comfortable on the ball, they can move it quicker and quicker with more direction changes
  • Starting from the outside, challenge the player to dribble the ball from one end to another as quickly as they can
  • Spread the cones out so they are 2 yards apart – this allows for slightly heavier touches and the player to move through the cones at a higher speed


  • Players can only use their weaker foot