Simple Soccer Passing Drill (2 Lines)

Soccer Coach Theory Team

One of the simplest soccer passing drills out there is the two-line drill. It’s perfect for younger players looking to work on basics. However, I’ve also used it in the adult and semi-pro levels as a part of a warmup. It’s good, especially before games,

as it guarantees everyone gets a touch.

Equipment you Need:

  • One soccer ball
  • Two cones or markers
  • Approx 20 yards of space

Passing Drill Set-Up:

  • Split the players into two evenly sized groups
  • Create two lines of players facing each other Approx 10-15 yards apart
  • Place the soccer ball at the feet of player one at the front

Passing Drill Execution:

  • The first player (1a) passes the ball across the ground to the player at the front of the opposite line
  • This player (1a) then runs to the back of the opposite line, effectively following their pass
  • The player at the front of the opposite line (2a), who receives the ball, then passes the ball back to the new player at the front of the first line (1b)
  • Player 2a then does the same run to the back of the opposite line

Coaching Tips for Two-Line Passing Drill:

Players can take a touch or two to control the ball before passing

The aim is for a slick, accurate pass, not to make the drill progress faster

Remind players to use the inside of their foot

Tell players to kick through the ball


  • Ask players to use their weaker foot
  • Increase the distance between the 2 lines
  • Ask the players to chip the ball off the floor, so receiving players will need to take a touch to get it under control


  • Define the type of the first touch you would like players to take when receiving the ball (for example, use the outside of their foot, use the sole of their foot, or shift the ball onto their other foot)
  • After passing the ball, players run backwards (backpedal) to the back of their line
  • After passing the ball, players run to the opposite line and weave in and out of the players in that line to get to the back.
  • After passing the ball, players backpedal and weave in and out of the players in their line behind them

Other variations could include throwing a ball to the player when they are halfway through their run, so they need to header/volley it back to you.

Final Thoughts

It’s not the most intense drill nor the most groundbreaking. However, I’d assume that almost every single player that’s ever played the game has done a similar drill, so it’s good to get used to it.