Soccer Drills for Shooting: Improve Your Accuracy and Power

Vince Massara

Shooting is one of the most important skills in soccer. Whether you are a forward, midfielder or defender, being able to shoot accurately and with power can make all the difference in a game. However, shooting is not just about kicking the ball as hard as you can towards the goal. It requires technique, accuracy, and practice.

That’s where soccer shooting drills come in. These drills are designed to improve a player’s shooting skills, from their technique to their accuracy and power. There are a variety of drills that can be used to improve shooting, from simple passing and shooting drills to more complex drills that focus on specific aspects of shooting, such as volleys or headers.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player, incorporating soccer shooting drills into your training routine can help take your game to the next level. With regular practice and dedication, you can improve your shooting skills and become a more effective player on the field.

The Importance of Soccer Shooting Drills

Shooting drills are an essential part of soccer training for all players, regardless of their position on the field. The ability to score goals is crucial to winning games, and shooting drills help players develop the skills they need to become effective goal scorers.

One of the main benefits of shooting drills is that they improve a player’s accuracy and speed in shooting. By practicing shooting from different angles and distances, players can learn how to place the ball precisely where they want it to go. Shooting drills also help players develop their footwork, which is essential for creating space and getting into good shooting positions.

Another advantage of shooting drills is that they help players become more confident in front of the goal. Scoring goals requires a certain level of mental toughness and self-belief, which can be developed through regular practice. Shooting drills provide players with the opportunity to practice their shooting skills in a low-pressure environment, which can help build their confidence and make them more comfortable in game situations.

Benefits of Shooting Drills
Improves accuracy and speed in shooting
Develops footwork and spatial awareness
Builds confidence and mental toughness
Prepares players for different game situations

Shooting drills also help players prepare for a variety of different game situations. In soccer, there are many ways to score goals, and shooting drills can help players develop the skills they need to take advantage of these opportunities. Whether it’s shooting from inside the box, outside the box, or on the run, shooting drills provide players with the opportunity to practice a wide range of shooting scenarios.

In conclusion, shooting drills are an essential part of soccer training that can help players improve their accuracy, speed, footwork, confidence, and mental toughness. By practicing shooting drills regularly, players can develop the skills they need to become effective goal scorers and help their team win games.

Basic Shooting Techniques

Shooting is one of the most critical skills in soccer, and it requires a combination of power, accuracy, and technique. Here are some basic shooting techniques that every soccer player should know:

Instep DriveThis is the most common shooting technique. Place your non-kicking foot beside the ball, aim with your instep, and strike the ball with the laces of your kicking foot.
Side-Foot ShotThis technique is used for short-range shots. Use the inside of your foot to shoot the ball and aim for the corners of the goal.
Chip ShotThis technique is used when the goalkeeper is off their line. Use the inside of your foot to lift the ball over the goalkeeper and into the goal.

It’s important to remember to follow through with your shot and keep your eyes on the ball. Practice these techniques regularly to improve your shooting skills and become a more effective player on the field.

Soccer Drills for Shooting Accuracy

If you want to improve your team’s shooting accuracy, there are several soccer drills you can use. Here are some of the best drills to help your players hit the target more often:

Drill NameDescription
Target PracticeSet up targets in the corners of the goal and have players aim for them during shooting drills. This will help players focus on hitting specific areas of the goal.
One-Touch ShootingHave players practice shooting with only one touch. This will help them develop a quick and accurate shot.
Shooting on the MoveSet up cones or other obstacles and have players dribble around them before taking a shot. This will help players learn to shoot accurately while on the move.

In addition to these drills, it’s important to emphasize the importance of proper technique. Make sure players are using the correct form when shooting, including keeping their head down, following through with their shot, and using the inside of their foot for accuracy. Another way to improve shooting accuracy is to practice shooting with both feet. Encourage players to use their weaker foot during shooting drills to help them develop more accuracy and power. By incorporating these drills and techniques into your training sessions, you can help your team improve their shooting accuracy and score more goals.

Soccer Drills for Shooting Power

Shooting power is a crucial aspect of scoring goals in soccer. The following drills will help players develop the necessary strength and technique to shoot with power:

Power ShotsPlayers take turns shooting at the goal from various angles and distances, focusing on generating as much power as possible.
Long-Range ShotsPlayers practice shooting from outside the penalty box, using proper technique to generate power and accuracy.
Weighted Ball ShotsPlayers use a heavier ball to practice shooting, which helps develop leg strength and power.

When practicing these drills, it’s important for players to focus on proper technique, including keeping their head down and following through with their shot. Additionally, players should work on building leg strength through exercises such as squats and lunges.

By incorporating these drills into their training, players can develop the power and technique necessary to score more goals and become more effective on the field.

Soccer Drills for Shooting Under Pressure

Shooting under pressure is a crucial skill for any soccer player. In a game, players often find themselves with limited time and space to take a shot on goal. Therefore, practicing drills that simulate game-like situations is essential to improve your shooting accuracy and effectiveness.

Here are some soccer drills for shooting under pressure:

Drill NameNumber of PlayersDuration
Shooting Under Pressure615 minutes
1, 2 ShootMultiple20 minutes

Shooting Under Pressure: This drill involves six players. Position players as shown in the diagram. One server and one attacker on each side of the goal with a single defender to the side of the goal. Repeat in another area for a total of 12 players. Player 1 passes the ball into space in front of player 2. Player 2 one touches and shoots on goal. This drill helps players practice shooting under pressure and improves their ability to score when defenders are present.

1, 2 Shoot: This drill is designed to increase a player’s finishing skills. A line of players, each with a soccer ball, pass to the designated passer at the edge of the penalty area who lays the ball off for the player to run onto and shoot on goal. This drill helps players practice their shooting accuracy and speed.

By practicing these drills regularly, players can improve their shooting skills and become more effective in game-like situations. Remember to focus on technique and accuracy, and always try to shoot under pressure.


Shooting is an essential part of soccer, and it is necessary to develop the right skills to become a successful player. The drills we have discussed in this article are some of the best soccer shooting drills that can help players improve their accuracy, power, and agility.

The 14 Soccer Shooting Drills we discussed earlier are simple yet effective in helping players increase their finishing skills. The Fundamental Shooting Drills for Individual Soccer Training is a great way to help players turn and shoot from in front of the goal. The Finishing Under Pressure Shooting Drill is perfect for players who want to practice shooting and finishing under pressure from a defender.

The Shooting Drills in Soccer article we mentioned earlier provides 15 drills that can help players score every time. The Soccer Training Lab article also provides some excellent drills that players can use to improve their shooting skills, such as the Turn and Shoot drill and the First to the Ball Shoots drill.

Overall, there are many soccer shooting drills available that can help players improve their skills. The key is to find the drills that work best for you and practice them consistently. By doing so, you can become a better shooter and help your team win more games.