FORZA 35in x 24in Coaching Board: Worth Your Strategy?

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In my time coaching various sports, I’ve come to appreciate the value of a solid game plan. That’s why the FORZA coaching board caught my eye—it’s a versatile tool that’s tailored for sports teams to strategize effectively. After using it in several training sessions, this double-sided whiteboard proved to be a valuable asset.

Its large size is a standout feature, allowing the whole team to see the displayed tactics easily. The double-sided design is particularly useful; one side zooms in for detailed plays while the other gives a broader view of the field or court. The board feels strong and sturdy, framed with durable aluminum and equipped with corner protectors that speak to its quality construction.

It is not just for one sport either—I found that the board is available for up to 13 sports, which means it’s adaptable for almost any coaching need. The magnets provided are a handy addition, making player position marking simple and the included marker and eraser are convenient for making quick changes to plays.

Bottom Line

The FORZA 35in x 24in Sport Coaching Board is a coach’s tactical ally. From its clear, large design to its multifunctional features, it stands out as a robust tool for any sport.

While there has been mention of occasional delivery damages, my own experience emphasized its value in effectively communicating strategies to the team.

Interested in streamlining your coaching strategy? Take a closer look at the FORZA Coaching Board here and consider adding it to your coaching toolkit.

Overview of the FORZA Sport Coaching Board

Having had the chance to handle the FORZA Coaching Board, I was impressed by its dual-sided design. One side allowed for detailing intricate game plays with a close-up view, while the flip side provided a wider perspective of the field or court, which is invaluable during discussions with the team. Standing at a sizable 35 inches by 24 inches, it felt just right for visibility without being cumbersome.

Accessibility is a major plus as the board caters to various sports, ensuring that whether I’m coaching soccer or basketball, the play area is clearly outlined with regulatory markings. The thoughtful addition of colored magnets, a marker pen, and an eraser adds to the appeal, making it a complete set ready to use out of the box.

Durability, which is critical for any coaching equipment, seems well-addressed with its aluminum framing and corner protectors. And while the whiteboard surface is mostly smooth for easy writing and erasing, the occasional bubble mentioned in feedback could be a minor drawback. However, these issues were not something I faced personally. A key factor in my appreciation was the integrated wall mount, offering a versatile way to display the board when hands-free analysis is needed. Despite a few mentions of delivery mishaps in other reviews, my experience with this coaching board has been quite positive.

FORZA 35in x 24in Double-Sided Sports Coaching Whiteboard | 13 Sport Options – Dry Erase Board Equipped with Magnetic Markers, Pen & Eraser (Soccer, without Carry Bag)

FORZA 35in x 24in Double-Sided Sports Coaching Whiteboard | 13 Sport Options - Dry Erase Board Equipped with Magnetic Markers, Pen & Eraser (Soccer, without Carry Bag)View in Amazon

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  • DOUBLE SIDED DESIGN – Featuring a versatile dual design, the FORZA extra-large coaching boards provide a platform for tactical innovation, featuring a full pitch view on one side with regulation markings for each sport and a focused view of key playing field areas on the other side.
  • COMPLETE TACTICAL SET – Each 35x in 24in magnetic coaching board is equipped with magnetic markers, whiteboard pen & an eraser, creating the ultimate coaching tool for practice and matches. Metal clips are also included for optional wall-mounting.
  • 13 SPORT OPTIONS – Tailored specifically to your required sport, these coaching boards are available in 13 team sport options including soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey, rugby, basketball and many more.
  • STRONG ALUMUNIM CONSTRUCTION – Crafted from premium-grade aluminum, the sports coaches’ board boasts exceptional durability, fortified against bending and wear. Enhanced with corner protectors, it offers heightened sturdiness, ensuring reliable performance and longevity in the face of rigorous use.
  • OPTIONAL CARRY BAG – Easily transport your coaching boards with the optional heavy duty carry bags. Featuring comfortable handles and durable nylon construction for long-lasting use, the carry bags facilitate convenient and efficient transportation from changing room to dugout, whilst ensuring secure storage with the hook and loop adhesive lining.
  • DELIVERY OPTIONS – Some customers online have noted a range of delivery times
  • MIXED REVIEWS – While I’m very happy with my board, some reviews haven’t been great. Best to read though them for yourself.

Double-Sided Design

After spending some time with the FORZA coaching board, one thing I really appreciate is its double-sided feature. On one side, it’s perfect for illustrating plays or setting strategies with its clear, white background. When I flip it over, the other side offers a full-field view, which is particularly useful for discussing broader team movements and game tactics.

I’ve found the double-sided nature to be a significant advantage during discussions, as it allows me to easily switch between detailed plays and wider strategic planning without missing a beat. However, some may find the board a bit cumbersome to handle in the midst of a fast-paced game due to its size.

Despite this minor inconvenience, the robust material choice of aluminum promises durability, and in my experience, it has held up well through various weather conditions and frequent transport. The white color of the board remains unblemished, maintaining a professional look for presentations.

While the board ticks off many practical boxes, I believe adding a handle or straps could enhance its portability. Overall, the FORZA coaching board’s dual functionality stands out, especially for multi-tasking coaches who value versatility in their equipment.

Large Clear Size

Having recently coached a session using this board, I can confidently say its size is quite beneficial. The dimensions allow for clear visibility of tactics and formations to my team without crowding or confusion. It’s large enough to be seen by all players, yet it’s still manageable to carry around the field. However, the sheer size might be a minor inconvenience when it comes to storage or transport in smaller vehicles. One side of the board offers a full-field view, while the flip side gives a focused half-field perspective, which is perfect for detailing specific play areas. The white, aluminum surface is smooth to write on and erases cleanly, ensuring the board remains in good condition even after heavy use. The board’s size is a double-edged sword, offering excellent visibility but demanding a bit of extra effort to move and store.

Range of Sport Options

Having the right tools can make or break a coaching session, and that’s where the FORZA Sport Coaching Board really shines. I’ve found the huge variety of sports it caters to quite impressive. Whether you’re into soccer, basketball, or even rugby, this board has got you covered with 13 different sport options, ensuring that nearly every coach can benefit from its use.

The double-sided feature is a game-changer; it allows for detailed close-up strategy discussions as well as wide-angle views, all within one piece of equipment. It’s been helpful in visualizing both macro- and micro-level plays, which isn’t something every coaching board can offer.

There’s a downside though. While it’s convenient to have a multi-sport tool, switching between sports could be smoother. Sometimes I wish I had a dedicated board for each sport. Nevertheless, the added magnets and marker pen are a nice touch, enhancing the interactive experience when mapping out strategies.

Robust and with clear markings, this board has become an indispensable part of my coaching kit. No matter the sport of the day, it stands up to the task. The versatility it offers is something I’ve come to rely on during diverse coaching sessions.

Accessories Included

I recently had the chance to use the FORZA Sport Coaching Board, and it’s impressive how well-equipped it is right out of the box. The double-sided design is remarkable because it lets you switch between a focused view and a broader pitch, court, or rink overview without any hassle. In my hands, the board felt robust, thanks to its sturdy aluminum frame and protective corners — it’s clearly built to last.

Here’s what came with my board:

  • Magnets: They included a set of magnets in red, blue, or yellow, which I found really convenient for depicting player positions during a session.
  • Marker Pen and Eraser: You also get a marker pen and eraser which are essential for drawing up plays and easily wiping them away after discussion.

The board’s large size meant that the entire team could see my strategies without crowding around, and the integrated wall mount was a bonus for when we wanted to keep the board up for extended viewing. The fact that it catered to so many sports was a plus, flexibility I haven’t seen with many other coaching boards. Overall, the included accessories definitely enhanced my coaching experience.

Premium Materials and Build

In my recent use of the FORZA Coaching Board, I was taken aback by its solid construction and high-quality materials. It felt robust in my hands, thanks to the durable aluminum frame that encases the whiteboard. The addition of corner protectors is a thoughtful touch, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of frequent transportation and the occasional accidental drop.

I particularly appreciated the wipe-clean surface, which was a breeze to maintain. After going through several strategic sessions, the board remained as pristine as when I first got my hands on it. The accompanying magnets add a layer of utility, allowing me to effortlessly place and move player positions around. They adhere strongly to the board without sliding, which speaks volumes about the attention to detail in the design.

Furthermore, the dual-sided feature, which offers both a close-up and a zoomed-out view of the pitch, proved invaluable in communicating different aspects of game strategies. This versatility makes the board an indispensable tool for any coach looking for a reliable piece of equipment to aid in tactical discussions.

Drawing from my experience, this coaching board undeniably meets the needs of busy coaches who require dependable gear that can keep up with the fast-paced nature of sports management. It champions functionality without compromising on quality.

Pros and Cons

Having had the chance to use the FORZA sport coaching board, I’m ready to share my experience with this versatile coaching tool.


The double-sided design is a standout feature — it allows me to switch between a close-up and full-field perspective effortlessly, which enhances my ability to convey strategic ideas to my team. One side zooms in for detailed plays, and the other provides a broader view for general positioning and tactics.

The large dimensions (35in x 24in) of the board ensure that visibility isn’t an issue, even from a distance. This proves particularly useful during group sessions where everyone needs to see the displayed information clearly.

Offering choices for 13 different sports makes the FORZA board a smart investment for multi-sport coaches like myself. Whether it’s soccer, basketball, or rugby, being able to cater to various sports with just one piece of equipment is extremely convenient.

The included accessories — magnets in three distinct colors, a marker pen, and an eraser — are a nice touch, making the board ready for use straight out of the box. These tools help me highlight player positions and draw tactics effectively during discussions.

Crafted with durable materials including a robust aluminum frame and corner protectors, this board can withstand the rigors of frequent use. The corrugated whiteboard is easy to wipe clean, maintaining its sleek appearance over time.


However, there are some drawbacks. Despite the overall solid build, my board arrived with a small bubble on one side, which while not a deal-breaker, was a slight disappointment.

Moreover, the average rating of 3.6 stars indicates that some users might have faced issues. With 20 total ratings, this seems to be a common problem that can’t be overlooked.

A few customers experienced delivery problems, receiving damaged goods and encountering difficulties with the replacement process. This concern is something potential buyers should be aware of, as it could affect the immediate usability of the board and the resolution process.

Lastly, while the board is equipped with wall mounts for added versatility, ensuring you have sufficient space and a suitable surface for mounting is crucial before making the purchase.

Customer Reviews

I recently had the chance to use the FORZA Sport Coaching Board and noticed a mix of opinions from other users. The board’s size and durability stand out, with coaches finding it to be a handy tool during games and practices. It includes everything a coach might need, which simplifies the experience.

On the downside, some users mentioned minor defects, such as a small bubble on the board’s surface. While this doesn’t seem to hinder the board’s functionality, it is worth mentioning that these issues have been brought up.

One particular concern involved a customer who received a damaged unit and faced challenges when seeking a replacement. This points to potential improvements that could be made in customer service.

Overall, with a rating of 3.6 from 20 ratings, it seems that while the coaching board meets basic needs, there is room for enhancement, particularly in quality control and customer support.


After spending some time with the FORZA sport coaching board, I’ve found it to be a solid piece of equipment for any coach’s arsenal. Its perfect size strikes the right balance between portability and sufficient space to strategize. The durability is commendable, although one should note that there have been minor issues like a small bubble on the board as reported by others. That said, the board arrived with all the necessary accessories, ready for use right out of the box.

The 3.6-star rating may give some potential users pause, and I’d be remiss not to mention the concern regarding customer service when issues arise. A damaged delivery can be frustrating, and it seems that addressing this isn’t as straightforward as one would hope.

All in all, this double-sided tactics whiteboard serves its purpose for a variety of sports and coaching scenarios. While it’s not without its flaws, it’s a companion I find quite useful on the field, offering a reliable visual aid during the heat of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having recently had hands-on experience with the FORZA coaching board, I found it interesting to explore its various facets. These are some common questions that come up when considering this tool for soccer training.

What are the advantages of using a 35in x 24in coaching board for soccer training?

Using a board of this size provides several benefits:

  • Ample Space: The large surface allows for a broad view of strategies and formations.
  • Visibility: It’s easier for the entire team to see and understand play tactics.
  • Dual Sided: With distinct pitch views, you can toggle between macro and micro perspectives.

How does the FORZA coaching board compare to other magnetic soccer boards in the market?

Having experimented with different brands, the FORZA board stands out in a few ways:

  • Size: It’s larger than many alternatives, providing more room for tactical planning.
  • Durability: Its sturdy aluminum frame and corner protectors enhance longevity.
  • Accessories: It comes with magnets and a marker which are quite practical for immediate use.

Are there any mobile apps that can replace physical soccer coaching boards effectively?

While mobile apps offer portability and easy updates, they can’t fully replace the physical presence of a large board that:

  • Draws everyone’s attention during discussions.
  • Doesn’t rely on battery life and is always ‘on’.
  • Allows for quick, on-the-fly adjustments without the need for tech proficiency.

What features should I look for when choosing a soccer coaching board for tactical discussions?

When selecting a coaching board, consider:

  • Size and Visibility: Ensure it’s large enough for clear viewing by all players.
  • Durability: Materials should withstand regular use and transport.
  • Accessories: Check for included markers, magnets, and erasing tools.
  • Portability: If movement is a concern, a lighter board with a carrying case is a plus.

How durable are FORZA coaching boards, and what materials are they typically made from?

The FORZA board I handled felt robust, credited to:

  • High-quality aluminum construction reinforcing the structure.
  • Design that includes protective corner pieces.
  • A surface that withstands repeated writing and wiping.

Can Kwik Goal and other mainstream soccer board brands’ accessories be used interchangeably with FORZA boards?

In my experience:

  • Magnets often work across different boards due to their standard sizes.
  • Markers and erasers are universal, so there’s no issue there.
  • However, always check specific accessory attachments, as some may vary in compatibility.