Best Bulgarian Soccer Players of All Time

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Get ready for a journey through the history of Bulgarian soccer.

We will explore the stories of some of the greatest Bulgarian soccer players of all time, including Hristo Stoichkov and Dimitar Berbatov. These players have made a significant impact on the sport and have left a lasting mark on Bulgarian soccer.

So let's dive in and discover the exceptional talent that Bulgaria has produced in the world of soccer.

Hristo Stoichkov

Hristo Stoichkov, a renowned Bulgarian soccer player, is widely considered one of the greatest footballers in the history of the sport. Born on February 8, 1966, Stoichkov had an exceptional career that lasted for several years.

He began his football journey at CSKA Sofia, a Bulgarian club, where he played for six years. During his time at CSKA, Stoichkov achieved four consecutive La Liga titles and reached the UEFA Champions League final. His remarkable performances earned him the nickname 'El Pistolero' due to his powerful shots and aggressive playing style.

Stoichkov's success at the club level also translated to the international stage. He represented the Bulgarian national team and participated in the FIFA World Cup, where he showcased his skills and scored goals. His contributions to the Bulgarian national team were recognized when he won the prestigious Ballon d'Or award in 1994 and was named in the FIFA Dream Team.

Despite facing challenges, such as the Bulgarian national team's failure to qualify for the UEFA Champions League during his tenure, Stoichkov's status as one of the greatest Bulgarian footballers remains unblemished. He's celebrated for his exceptional skills, goal-scoring ability, and overall impact on the sport.

Stoichkov's legacy as a world-class player continues to be admired, and he rightfully holds his place as one of the greatest Bulgarian players of all time.

Dimitar Berbatov

Dimitar Berbatov, a renowned Bulgarian soccer player, follows in the footsteps of Hristo Stoichkov with his exceptional skills and significant contributions to the sport.

Berbatov, born on January 30, 1981, is widely regarded as one of the greatest Bulgarian footballers of all time. He played as a striker for Manchester United and the Bulgaria national team, leaving a lasting impact on both clubs.

Throughout his career, he scored an impressive 48 goals in 78 appearances for Bulgaria, solidifying his place as Bulgaria's all-time leading goalscorer. Berbatov's elegant playing style and exceptional technique made him stand out on the field.

He also had the honor of captaining the Bulgaria national team and winning the Premier League twice with Manchester United. His talent and achievements were recognized when he was named Bulgarian Footballer of the Year on two occasions.

Furthermore, Berbatov holds the record for the most goals scored by a Bulgarian in the Premier League. With his remarkable career, Dimitar Berbatov has rightfully earned his place among the best Bulgarian footballers of all time.

Krassimir Balakov

Krassimir Balakov, a highly skilled attacking midfielder, made significant contributions to the Bulgarian national team during the 1994 FIFA World Cup with his exceptional playmaking abilities. His impact on the field was undeniable, as he played a crucial role in Bulgaria's successful run in the tournament. Balakov's ability to create scoring opportunities for his teammates and his excellent vision made him a key player for the Bulgarian team.

Throughout his club career, Balakov played for top teams such as CSKA Sofia, Sporting, and Stuttgart. He earned recognition as a world-class player and was known for his technical skills and ability to control the game from midfield. Balakov's performances on the field didn't go unnoticed, as he was awarded the title of the best Bulgarian Footballer of the Year in 1995.

Balakov's skill and talent were further highlighted by his success in club competitions. He won several Premier League titles with CSKA Sofia and La Liga titles with Sporting. His impact on the field was so significant that he earned the Spanish nickname El Pistolero, which translates to 'The Gunslinger.'

Stiliyan Petrov

Stiliyan Petrov, a highly respected midfielder, had a significant impact on the Bulgarian national team and enjoyed a successful club career with Celtic and Aston Villa. Here are some important facts about Petrov's career:

  • Petrov began his professional journey at CSKA Sofia, where he displayed his talent and attracted the attention of clubs abroad.
  • He joined Celtic in 1999 and went on to win four Scottish Premier League titles and three Scottish Cups with the club.
  • In 2006, Petrov made a move to Aston Villa in the English Premier League, where he became a beloved figure. He played more than 400 games for the club and was appointed captain.
  • Petrov's leadership skills and passing ability were crucial to Villa's success during his time there, helping the club secure multiple top-six finishes in the Premier League.
  • On the international stage, Petrov represented Bulgaria in the World Cup and received multiple Bulgarian Footballer of the Year awards.

Petrov's career achievements and contributions to the game have rightfully earned him a place among the best Bulgarian footballers. His impact both on and off the field, including his battle with leukemia and the establishment of the Stiliyan Petrov Foundation, further solidify his legacy as an influential figure in Bulgarian soccer.

Emil Kostadinov

Emil Kostadinov is a highly influential figure in Bulgarian soccer, known for his significant contributions to the sport, especially in crucial matches. Born in 1967, Kostadinov was a talented Bulgarian footballer who played for both the national team and various clubs throughout his career. He was a key member of the Golden Generation of the 1990s in Bulgarian football, which achieved remarkable success.

One of Kostadinov's notable achievements was scoring two crucial goals against France in a World Cup qualifying match. These goals played a pivotal role in securing Bulgaria's place in the 1994 World Cup, a truly significant moment for Bulgarian soccer. Kostadinov's impact on the Bulgarian national team can't be overstated, as he played a vital role in their success in major tournaments.

At the club level, Kostadinov had an impressive career, winning two Premier League titles and four consecutive La Liga titles with his teams. He also reached his first Champions League final, displaying his exceptional skills and contribution to his teams' success.

Kostadinov's talent and dedication earned him individual recognition as well. He won the Premier League Golden Boot, showcasing his ability to consistently score goals. Additionally, he's regarded as one of the best-ever defenders in the country, displaying his versatility and defensive prowess.

Yordan Letchkov

Yordan Letchkov, born in 1967, is widely considered one of Bulgaria's greatest soccer players. He was known for his exceptional dribbling skills and made a significant impact in Bulgaria's memorable performance in the 1994 FIFA World Cup.

Here are some important facts about Letchkov:

  • Throughout his career, Letchkov played for various clubs, including CSKA Sofia, where he won four consecutive La Liga titles.
  • Letchkov represented Bulgaria in the 1994 FIFA World Cup, where he played a crucial role in the team's impressive run to the semi-finals.
  • Letchkov was a versatile player who excelled in different positions on the field. He was particularly renowned for his defensive skills and is considered one of the best defenders in Bulgarian soccer history.
  • After the World Cup, Letchkov moved to Bayer Leverkusen, where he played for two years before retiring.
  • During the 1994 World Cup, Letchkov not only demonstrated his defensive prowess but also proved to be an effective goal scorer. He finished the tournament as Bulgaria's top scorer and was awarded the World Cup Golden Boot.
  • Letchkov's contributions to Bulgarian soccer extended beyond his playing career. He later became the President of CSKA Sofia, further solidifying his impact on the sport.

Yordan Letchkov's talent, versatility, and significant contributions to Bulgarian soccer make him one of the most revered players in the country's history.

Borislav Mihaylov

Borislav Mihaylov is a former goalkeeper and the president of the Bulgarian Football Union, known for his significant contributions to Bulgarian soccer. With 102 appearances for the Bulgaria national team, Mihaylov showcased his exceptional reflexes and leadership skills on the field. He'd successful stints at Levski Sofia and FC Twente, leaving a lasting impact on both clubs. One of his career highlights was leading Bulgaria to the quarter-finals of Euro 2004, demonstrating his talent and influence.

Alongside Bulgarian football legends such as Hristo Stoichkov, Dimitar Berbatov, Stiliyan Petrov, and Dimitar Penev, Mihaylov is considered one of the greatest players in his country's history. His achievements have solidified his place as a significant figure in Bulgarian soccer.

Mihaylov's impact extends beyond his playing career. As the president of the Bulgarian Football Union, he continues to contribute to the development and growth of the sport in his country. His leadership and dedication have paved the way for future generations of Bulgarian footballers. Mihaylov has received numerous accolades, including multiple Bulgarian Footballer of the Year awards, recognizing his exceptional achievements.

While he may not have won a Ballon d'Or or played in the Premier League, Mihaylov's legacy remains undeniable. His contributions to Bulgarian soccer have left an indelible mark, establishing him as one of the best Bulgarian soccer players of all time.

Trifon Ivanov

Trifon Ivanov was a highly respected Bulgarian soccer player who made significant contributions to the sport. He played as a central defender for the national team and left a lasting legacy in Bulgarian soccer. Here are some important details about his career:

  • Trifon Ivanov was born on July 27, 1965, and sadly passed away on February 13, 2016. He had a remarkable career in Bulgarian soccer that will always be remembered.
  • He represented the Bulgaria national team in 76 matches and scored 6 goals. Ivanov played in the 1994 and 1998 FIFA World Cups, as well as the 1996 UEFA European Championship.
  • Ivanov was affectionately known as 'The Wolf' and was a key player in Bulgaria's Golden Generation of the 1990s. His defensive skills and strong presence on the field played a crucial role in the team's success.
  • Throughout his club career, Ivanov played for CSKA Sofia, Bayer Leverkusen, and Nottingham United. He achieved several titles, including domestic league titles with CSKA Sofia and La Liga titles with Bayer Leverkusen.

Trifon Ivanov's impact as one of Bulgaria's top defenders can't be overstated. His exceptional defensive abilities, leadership qualities, and contributions to both club and national teams have solidified his place in Bulgarian soccer history.

Nasko Sirakov

Nasko Sirakov, a highly skilled Bulgarian football player known for his goal-scoring ability and versatility, had a significant impact in both domestic and international competitions.

Sirakov played for several clubs throughout his career, including CSKA Sofia, where he showcased his talent and helped the team win multiple titles. His success with CSKA Sofia caught the attention of scouts from around the world, leading to his signing with Sporting CP in Portugal.

During his time with Sporting CP, Sirakov played a crucial role in the team's success and was recognized as one of the greatest Bulgarian football players of all time. He also represented Bulgaria at the international level, including participating in the 1994 FIFA World Cup. Sirakov's contributions to the national team, along with his individual achievements, earned him multiple Bulgarian Footballer of the Year awards.

Although he didn't win prestigious awards such as the FIFA World Player or the Ballon d'Or, Sirakov's performances and accolades, including the European Golden Shoe, solidify his place among the best Bulgarian football players.

His legacy continues to inspire future generations of Bulgarian players who aspire to achieve the same level of success and recognition that Sirakov accomplished in his career.

Martin Petrov

Martin Petrov is a renowned Bulgarian football player who'd a significant impact both domestically and internationally. Petrov, born on January 15, 1979, was a highly skilled winger known for his speed and technical prowess. He represented Bulgaria in international competitions, earning an impressive 90 appearances for the national team. Throughout his professional career, Petrov played for several clubs, including Manchester City, Atletico Madrid, and Bolton Wanderers.

Here are some key facts about Martin Petrov:

  • Versatility: Petrov was known for his versatility on the field, excelling in both scoring and creating goals for his team. His adaptability made him a valuable asset in any lineup.
  • International Career: Petrov's international career was remarkable, with 90 appearances for the Bulgarian national team. He proudly represented his country in various competitions, including the World Cup.
  • Club Career: Petrov had an extensive club career, starting at CSKA Sofia in Bulgaria before moving to Europe. He played for renowned clubs such as Bayer Leverkusen in Germany and Atletico Madrid in Spain. He also briefly played for Nottingham United in England.
  • Honors: Petrov achieved success at both the domestic and international level. He won several titles, including La Liga titles with Atletico Madrid.
  • Impact: Petrov's exceptional skills and ability to take on defenders made him a standout player. His contributions on the field were widely recognized, and he even caught the attention of Johan Cruyff's Dream Team selection.

Martin Petrov's achievements and impact, both at the club and international level, firmly establish him as one of the best Bulgarian footballers of all time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Bulgarian Footballer Played for Barcelona?

Hristo Stoichkov, a Bulgarian footballer, played for Barcelona. He was an integral part of Barcelona's 'Dream Team' and gained legendary status in Bulgarian football history due to his aggressive playing style and powerful shots.

Are There Any Bulgarians in the Premier League?

Yes, there are Bulgarian soccer players who play in the Premier League. These players have not only made a name for themselves in the Premier League but have also had significant impacts on international teams. They have also been featured in other top European leagues such as the Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, and Ligue 1. In addition, they have played in prestigious tournaments like the Champions League and Europa League. Some Bulgarian players can even be found in the MLS.

Who Is the Famous Bulgarian Soccer Player Who Has Played With FC Barcelona the Chicago Fire and DC United?

Hristo Stoichkov is a well-known Bulgarian soccer player who has had the privilege of playing for FC Barcelona, the Chicago Fire, and DC United. He is famous for his aggressive playing style and his ability to deliver powerful shots. Stoichkov's talent and skill on the field have made him a respected player in the world of soccer. His contributions to the teams he has played for have been significant, and his presence on the field is always felt. Stoichkov's career has been impressive, and he has left a lasting legacy in the sport.

When Was Bulgaria Last in the World Cup?

Bulgaria last participated in the FIFA World Cup in 1998, where they made it to the Round of 16. Since then, their performance in international competitions has been a mix of highs and lows. However, Bulgarian soccer clubs have achieved significant victories in European competitions.


The best Bulgarian soccer players of all time have made significant contributions to the sport both domestically and internationally.

Hristo Stoichkov, Dimitar Berbatov, Krassimir Balakov, Stiliyan Petrov, and Emil Kostadinov are some of the notable names that have become legends in the world of Bulgarian soccer.

These players were known for their aggressive playing styles, powerful shots, and goal-scoring abilities, leaving a lasting impact on Bulgarian soccer.

Their skills and achievements have earned them recognition and admiration from fans around the world.

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