15 Best Soccer Documentaries

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the thrilling world of soccer documentaries?

Prepare to be completely captivated as you delve into the immersive narratives that take you behind the scenes of legendary players, managers, and controversial figures in the sport.

These documentaries offer a unique opportunity for you to gain incredible insights into the lives and careers of soccer superstars, as well as the fascinating socio-cultural dynamics of the game.

From the triumphs of iconic figures like Maradona and Pelé to the shocking revelations about corruption within soccer organizations, these documentaries will transport you into a world of passion, determination, and sometimes even scandal.

Get ready for an exhilarating journey through the best soccer documentaries that will leave you inspired and hungry for more.

Key Takeaways

  • Soccer documentaries provide an in-depth look into the journey, struggles, and transformation of teams and players, showcasing their resilience and determination.
  • Rivalries and controversies in soccer have captivated fans worldwide, shaped by political, religious, and social issues, and known for passionate displays of tribal loyalty.
  • Soccer documentaries also highlight the personal struggles faced by players, offering insights into their journeys and the challenges they overcome.
  • The impact of soccer on society is explored, showcasing its cultural significance and providing immersive experiences through raw and unfiltered storytelling.

Next Goal Wins (2014)

If you’re looking for a captivating and inspiring soccer documentary, look no further than ‘Next Goal Wins’ (2014). This documentary delves into the journey of the American Samoa football team as they strive to qualify for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Directed by Mike Brett and Steve Jamison, the film showcases the team’s resilience and determination to overcome their past struggles, including their infamous 31-0 loss to Australia in 2001.

‘Next Goal Wins’ offers a unique perspective on the world of football, highlighting the personal stories of the players and the transformative power of the sport.

The film received overwhelmingly positive reviews, with critics praising its emotional depth and universal appeal, proving that interest in soccer isn’t necessary to appreciate this remarkable documentary.

Sunderland Til I Die (2018)

Wondering what makes ‘Sunderland Til I Die (2018)’ one of the best soccer documentaries out there? This documentary, available on Netflix, delves into the compelling and emotional stories behind English football club Sunderland AFC.

The first season was supposed to be a season talking about how a recently relegated team makes their way back to the Premier League. However, the club actually faced back-to-back relegations.

With a focus on the club’s struggles and relegation, ‘Sunderland Til I Die’ takes viewers behind the scenes to witness the highs and lows of the team, as well as the unwavering loyalty and passion of its fans. The series consists of two seasons, each with five episodes, providing an in-depth look into the club’s journey.

Through captivating storytelling and intimate footage, the documentary captures the heart and soul of Sunderland AFC, making it a must-watch for soccer enthusiasts and fans of compelling sports narratives.

Sunderland Til I Die is depressing, but such a beautiful story. The real heroes in the show, like most football documentaries, is the people around the team – the employees of the club, and the fans.

Well worth a watch.

Welcome to Wrexham (2022)

‘Welcome to Wrexham (2022)’ offers a compelling and immersive look into the journey of Hollywood actors Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds as they take on the challenge of reviving and transforming Wrexham A.F.C.

This documentary captures the essence of their ambitious endeavor and showcases the following key aspects:

  • Unlikely Ownership: Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds, known for their roles in popular TV shows, venture into the world of soccer by purchasing Wrexham A.F.C., a struggling English club.
  • The Underdog Story: The documentary portrays the determination of McElhenney and Reynolds to bring positive change to Wrexham, a town overshadowed by neighboring Manchester’s soccer success.
  • A Tale of Transformation: Viewers witness the duo’s efforts to rebuild the team, improve its performance, and reconnect with the local community.

Through its engaging storytelling and behind-the-scenes footage, ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ takes viewers on an inspiring journey of hope, resilience, and the love for the beautiful game.

All Or Nothing: Manchester City (2018)

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of ‘All Or Nothing: Manchester City (2018)’, a groundbreaking soccer documentary that offers a unique behind-the-scenes look into the journey of Manchester City F.C.

This compelling series, available on Amazon Prime, takes you into the dressing room, providing an inside story of the team’s 2017-2018 season. Witness the highs and lows as Manchester City, led by manager Pep Guardiola, navigates the challenges of the Premier League and competes against their rivals.

From the dangerous rivalry with Manchester United to the intense pressure of the title race, ‘All Or Nothing: Manchester City’ offers an in-depth exploration of the team’s quest for success.

As you delve into the world of Manchester City, get ready to transition into the subsequent section about ‘Diego Maradona (2019)’, another must-watch soccer documentary.

Diego Maradona (2019)

To delve into the world of soccer documentaries, one must explore the captivating ‘Diego Maradona (2019)’, a film that offers a unique glimpse into the life and career of the legendary player. This documentary takes you on a journey through Maradona’s rise to stardom, his successes and controversies, and his impact on football history.

Through archival footage and interviews, the film showcases Maradona’s extraordinary skills on the field, including his iconic Hand of God goal in the 1986 World Cup. It also delves into his personal life, shedding light on the challenges he faced, both on and off the pitch.

‘Diego Maradona’ highlights the immense talent and the complexities of one of the best football players in history, while also exploring broader themes such as racism in football.

Transitioning to the subsequent section about ‘An Impossible Job (1994)’, another documentary that delves into the captivating world of soccer.

An Impossible Job (1994)

Experience the intense pressure and challenges faced by Graham Taylor as England’s manager in the 1994 World Cup qualifying campaign in the compelling soccer documentary ‘An Impossible Job (1994)’.

This documentary provides a revealing look into the difficulties Taylor encountered during his tenure. In 1992, England’s failure to qualify for the Euro tournament brought immense criticism and scrutiny towards Taylor’s tactics and team selection.

The World Cup qualifying campaign saw England’s poor start, with draws against Norway and the Netherlands, and a shocking defeat against San Marino. Taylor’s infamous quote, ‘Do I not like that,’ during the San Marino match became emblematic of his struggles.

‘An Impossible Job’ captures the media portrayal of Taylor as a failure and the impact of public and media pressure on his mental health. Ultimately, this documentary sheds light on the challenges faced by managers in high-pressure situations.

Transitioning into the subsequent section about ‘The Phenomenon: Ronaldo (2022)’, we delve into the career of another soccer icon who’s faced his fair share of challenges and triumphs.

The Phenomenon: Ronaldo (2022)

Now let’s delve into the captivating documentary ‘The Phenomenon: Ronaldo (2022)’ that takes an in-depth look at the career of another legendary soccer icon.

This documentary provides an intimate and revealing exploration of Ronaldo Nazario’s journey, showcasing his rise to becoming the best footballer in the world at the young age of 21.

Through the contextually relevant interviews with Ronaldo, Zinédine Zidane, and Romário, viewers gain insights into the challenges Ronaldo faced, including the blame he received for Brazil’s World Cup final defeat in 1998, his career-threatening injuries, and the surgeries he underwent.

The film captures the emotional rollercoaster of Ronaldo’s career, from the depths of despair to the triumphant comeback that culminated in a World Cup victory.

‘The Phenomenon: Ronaldo (2022)’ stands out as one of the best soccer documentaries, offering a compelling and informative portrayal of Ronaldo’s extraordinary journey.

Football’s Most Dangerous Rivalry (2012)

Delve into the intense world of ‘Football’s Most Dangerous Rivalry (2012)’ as you uncover the raw emotions and fierce clashes that define this notorious soccer feud.

The rivalry between Glasgow’s Old Firm football clubs, Rangers and Celtic, has captivated football fans around the world for generations. Known for its passionate displays of tribal loyalty, this rivalry has been shaped by political, religious, and social issues that have divided Scotland for decades.

This critically acclaimed documentary takes viewers on a journey through the history and intensity of this infamous clash. From the violence and racial slurs to the deep-seated hatred, the documentary explores the complex dynamics behind this age-old rivalry.

Through interviews with passionate supporters, local experts, and dramatic footage, viewers gain a unique insight into one of football’s most dangerous rivalries.

Warnock (2005)

Continuing the exploration of captivating soccer documentaries, let’s delve into the intriguing world of ‘Warnock (2005)’ and gain insights into the management style and personality of Neil Warnock. This documentary takes you behind the scenes of Warnock’s Sheffield United team during the 2004/05 season, providing exclusive footage and interviews that offer deeper insights into his approach to management.

Here are three reasons why ‘Warnock (2005)’ is a must-watch:

  • The documentary captures Warnock’s explicit antics and passionate team talks, showcasing his old school English manager persona.
  • It humanizes Warnock by showing his interactions with supporters, his calm demeanor, and emotional moments in the dressing room.
  • Praised for its authenticity, the film offers a genuine portrayal of a turbulent season for Sheffield United, allowing viewers to connect with Warnock on a personal level.

Now, let’s move on to the next documentary, ‘Becoming Zlatan (2016)’, and explore the journey of one of the world’s best football players to win three league titles in three different countries.

Becoming Zlatan (2016)

‘Becoming Zlatan (2016)’ provides an intimate portrayal of the transformation of one of the world’s best football players, Zlatan Ibrahimović, as he rises to become a global superstar. This documentary takes viewers on a journey through Ibrahimović’s early years, showcasing rare interviews and personal archives that shed light on his personal life and the obstacles he faced.

From his debut with Malmö FF to his breakthrough with Juventus F.C., the film traces his evolution as a player and the challenges he overcame along the way. ‘Becoming Zlatan’ offers a behind-the-scenes look at the turbulent years with AFC Ajax, where he developed as a player and transitioned into a key player for the club.

The documentary also highlights Ibrahimović’s role in the national team, his contribution to Juventus’ success, and his rise to international recognition. It provides valuable insights into the career of this French striker, alongside key players like Nicolas Anelka and Thierry Henry, and their impact on the world of soccer.

The Two Escobars (2010)

Now let’s delve into the gripping story of ‘The Two Escobars (2010)’ and explore the intertwining fates of Pablo Escobar and Andres Escobar in the world of Colombian soccer.

This real documentary captures the dark underbelly of soccer, where the influence of drug money from Pablo Escobar and other cartels shaped the rise of Colombian soccer in the 1980s and 1990s. It examines the shocking mistake made by Andres Escobar in the 1994 FIFA World Cup, which led to his own tragic murder just days later.

The documentary sheds light on the impact of soccer on Colombian national identity, as it represented more than just a game for the fans. The violent civil war, the intersection of sports, crime, and politics, and the heartbreaking stories of two clubs – the national team and the drug cartels – are all explored in this thought-provoking film.

‘The Two Escobars’ is a must-watch for soccer enthusiasts and anyone interested in the deep connections between sports and society. It exposes the harsh realities that players, particularly women and girls, face, including racial slurs and violence. From the streets of Colombia to the world stage, this documentary takes you on a journey you won’t soon forget.

As we transition into the next section about ‘Arsene Wenger: Invincible (2021)’, we continue to explore the world of soccer documentaries, this time focusing on the remarkable achievements of Arsene Wenger and his unbeaten Arsenal team.

Arsene Wenger: Invincible (2021)

Let’s delve into the remarkable achievements of Arsene Wenger and his unbeaten Arsenal team in the documentary ‘Arsene Wenger: Invincible (2021)’, as we explore the world of soccer documentaries.

This documentary focuses on the behind-the-scenes story of Wenger and his iconic team, giving us a real glimpse into the French manager’s journey in English soccer. ‘Invincible’ takes soccer fans on a journey through Wenger’s career, showcasing his impact on the game and his unique management style.

It highlights Arsenal’s unbeaten 2003-04 season, where they became the first team in English top-flight history to go an entire season without a single defeat. The documentary provides an in-depth look at the man behind the French brand yard, shedding light on Wenger’s strategies, challenges, and his lasting legacy in the sport.

Now, let’s move on to discussing ‘I Believe in Miracles (2015)’ and its portrayal of Nottingham Forest’s rise to glory under Brian Clough.

I Believe in Miracles (2015)

The documentary ‘I Believe in Miracles (2015)’ showcases the remarkable rise to glory of Nottingham Forest under the leadership of Brian Clough.

This documentary tells the story of how Clough led the team to success in the old first division and the European Cup. Through hours of video footage and interviews with former players, viewers get to see the real behind-the-scenes moments that contributed to Nottingham Forest’s achievements.

The film offers an affectionate portrayal of Clough and his ability to power the team onwards. It captures the beauty of the game and the impact that a charismatic leader can have on a football pitch.

Directed by Asif Kapadia, known for his work on the ‘Nothing’ series, this documentary is a must-watch for any soccer fan looking to delve into the history of the sport.

The Class of ’92 (2013)

If you enjoyed learning about the rise of Nottingham Forest in ‘I Believe in Miracles (2015)’, you’ll appreciate ‘The Class of ’92 (2013)’, a captivating documentary that delves into the success and camaraderie of Manchester United’s iconic group of players.

This documentary covers the period from Manchester United’s FA Youth Cup win in 1992 to their Champions League triumph in 1999, showcasing their journey from talented youngsters to global soccer superstars.

The film focuses not only on their achievements on the field but also on the personal friendships and bonds they formed off the field. It provides a glimpse into the side of the story that goes beyond the headlines and showcases the dedication, hard work, and sacrifices that led to their success.

With interviews from Zinedine Zidane, Eric Cantona, and others, this documentary offers a nostalgic and intimate look into the golden era of Manchester United. It highlights the impact of legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson, who never gave up on his team and led them to win three World Cups.

‘The Class of ’92’ is a must-watch for any soccer fan who wants to experience the magic and camaraderie that defines the beautiful game. It also sheds light on the personal struggles faced by players and the impact of soccer on society. From Maradona’s personal journey to the corruption within FIFA, this documentary offers much more than just a soccer story.

With its engaging storytelling and insightful interviews, it provides a deeper understanding of the sport and its cultural significance. As the film transitions into ‘Orient: Club for a Fiver (1995)’, it continues to explore the diverse and captivating world of soccer documentaries.

Orient: Club for a Fiver (1995)

Curious about the captivating world of soccer documentaries? Well, if you’re a fan of raw and unfiltered storytelling, then ‘Orient: Club for a Fiver’ is a must-watch.

This 52-minute short film, recorded by film student Jo Trehearne, captures the turbulent 94/95 season of Leyton Orient Football Club. With a low production budget and a one-shot style, this documentary offers an authentic and immersive experience.

It delves into the dysfunctional issues both on and off the pitch, including Chairman Tony Wood’s loss in the Rwandan Civil War, which nearly led to the club’s liquidation. One of the most memorable aspects of this documentary is Sitton’s infamous team talks, filled with explicit language and chaotic moments.

The dark and disturbing atmosphere portrayed in ‘Orient: Club for a Fiver’ leaves a lasting impact on viewers, offering a genuine and raw insight into the struggles faced by smaller clubs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Footballer Documentary on Netflix?

The footballer documentary on Netflix is ‘Beckham’ (2023) which offers an exclusive look into David Beckham’s career and personal life. It reveals behind-the-scenes stories, triumphs with Manchester United, and provides a unique perspective on his journey in the sport.

Are There Any Soccer Shows on Netflix?

Yes, there are soccer shows on Netflix. These shows offer a range of topics, from the personal lives of football icons like David Beckham to the inner workings of top clubs like Juventus.

Which Football Clubs Have Documentaries?

Football clubs have been the subject of captivating documentaries, offering an inside look into their struggles, triumphs, and behind-the-scenes drama. From Sunderland to Manchester City, these films provide a deeper understanding of the beautiful game.

Where Can I Watch Soccer Documentaries?

You can watch soccer documentaries on Netflix, Disney+, the Yard YouTube channel, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime. These platforms offer a wide range of documentaries that provide insights into the lives of legendary players, corruption in FIFA, and the socio-cultural impact of the sport.


As you delve into the world of soccer documentaries, you’ll find yourself immersed in the captivating narratives that uncover the triumphs and controversies of legendary players and the dark underbelly of corruption within the sport.

These documentaries not only provide insights into the lives and careers of soccer superstars, but also shed light on the socio-cultural dynamics of the game.

With each film, you’ll be inspired and left hungry for more, as you witness the passion, determination, and sometimes scandal, that define the beautiful game.